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Employer Branding

It is up to you when to announce your Best Employers certification internally
and externally. We will position you as a Best Employer on our Annual Award
Ceremony along with all accompanying PR actions surrounding the event –
interviews, press releases, positioning of your brand in newspapers, social media and business magazines, etc.

We will provide materials to help you get recognized, including:

  • A Best Employers stamp in various formats for each accredited location;
  • A certificate for each accredited location;
  • An official communication toolkit to help you make the most out of the
    recognition internally and externally and promote your recognition to your
    various audiences (e.g. PR template, guidelines for using the Best Employer’s logo, suggestions for communication activities);
  • Your organisation will be added to the official Best Employers list on ours
    and Kincentric’s global engagement program website;
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