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Additional surveys


Change Survey

Suitable for companies going though merges, acquisitions and other possible disturbing changes. Create the best action plan to deal with any outstanding issues.

Crisis Management

Suitable during economic and/or political turbulence, pandemics, etc. Measures virtual work arrangements, agility and adaptivity.

Culture Survey

Explore your company’s culture, the effectiveness of all communication channels and employees' perceptions on brand, company reputation and company mission.

Engaging Leader Survey

Explore the engaging behaviors, senior and middle management perceptions and leadership drivers. Improve top to bottom communication, visibility and transparency.

Exit Survey

Find out why a certain employee has decided to leave and see what you may need to improve. Retain employees and build more attractive and suitable work environment.

Rapid Engagement Survey

An ideal solution for mid-sized companies who want a quick, cost-efficient way for measuring, understanding and improving their employee engagement.

Rapid Pulse Survey

Measure feedback using a shorter set of questions on a regular basis. Consistently gather feedback

Risk Survey

Assess your industry’s risk management practices and address the risks your company may face. Increase volatility, awareness, decision-making and interconnection.

Spark Survey

Suitable for newcomers and/or returning employees. Obtain feedback on their onboarding process, commitment to company’s mission, dedication and engagement.

360 Degree Feedback

Anonymously gather information about a specific employee's strengths and areas of improvement from multiple people throughout the organization.
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